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Mitchell Karbin, Mystery Author in Northbrook, IL

The Author's Process & Insight

I wrote the kind of story I enjoy reading; a fast read with characters who are easy to identify with, reacting to extreme circumstances.
This book is pure fun and entertainment.
As a huge movie fan I wrote in the genres that always entertain me. Madness, a damsel in distress, young people questioning their own coming of age, the crisis of feeling that one’s youth is slipping away, all in a noir atmosphere, are blended in a stirring plot peppered with subtle humor.
I’m a romantic, so this novel is more about romance than about sex, more about conflict than about violence, and more about coming together than falling apart.
At the center of this story are multiple conflicts and questions. Is the protagonist an omnipotent, eternal being? Who arranged for the kidnapping of a beautiful, young woman, and why does that young woman love her kidnapper, who tells her that he intends to kill her?

What is the connection between a powerful, manipulative woman, the detective she hires to solve the crime but then lies to intending to throw him off the scent, and the "doctor" who bends the rules because he loves her, who she entrusts with most, but not all, of her secrets.

This is a Conradian tale, in that the main character’s struggles with the outside world are a metaphor for the inner turmoil he is experiencing.
This story took off in a direction that I never even dreamt of. It was like the story allowed my inner-most thoughts to be revealed to me through the act of writing.