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Mitchell Karbin, Mystery Author in Northbrook, IL

About the Novel

Man Is A Disaster, Air Conditioning Is Divine is a suspenseful crime mystery with psychological, supernatural, and sexual themes.

Charles and Cleva Winters have been married for twenty-two years. When their happiness is shattered, Cleva, for the first time, begins to doubt herself and her life. Feeling her youth is fading, she believes that the only way to reunite with Charles is by toying with another man. Her flirtation becomes an affair, and the thrill of being desired makes Cleva feel alive again.
After her dalliance fails to bring Charles back to her and Cleva ends it, Cleva finds that her lover is an escaped mental patient who believes himself to be an eternal, omnipotent being. As he strikes back, hurt and vengeful over losing Cleva’s love, her worst fears are realized.
Detective Sam Angel, hired by a double-dealing woman, finds that the true architect of the madness and violence is a mysterious seductress who betrays and manipulates those she loves. Cleva, finding herself in deadly danger, is forced to choose between her family’s love and her own life.
Filled with unforgettable characters making life altering decisions, Man Is A Disaster, Air Conditioning Is Divine will take readers on a dizzying psychological journey of deceit and sexual mystery, until reaching a climax so startling that it will shock and amaze.