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Mitchell Karbin, Mystery Author in Northbrook, IL


     Once I have you, you are truly doomed. None escape me.

     Time is running out. I can not continue. Day brings endless torture. Night is worse. This terrible curse.

     I created all.

    God and the Devil. The Devil and God. As different as dusk and twilight. Both are familiar to me, and have been since the beginning of time. Old friends, you might say. although we no longer speak.

    Humanity foolishly indulges itself in childish beliefs about them both. Only the absolute hopelessness of prayer to one can match the idiotic cowardice of fear of the  other. It makes no difference which one you hate or which one you love. In the end they are both the same. I made it so.

     I wish the end would come.

     The end - death? Peace? I do not know. But it must be better than this life.

     I can always take another life, naturally.

     Yet nothing I do is natural.

     I must remember who I am!

     I can do whatever I like. I usually do whatever I hate.

     I am worse than anyone you will ever meet. I am the hard case. The final judge. I answer to no one. I kill what I love.

     I live for the pain I cause. My pain is my curse and my salvation. Forever.

     Dread me as you dread none other. I will have my revenge.

    I am the sick feeling in the pit of your stomach. The unexpected phone call in the middle of the night. The squealing tires while your kids play outside. The elevator car that will not stop descending. The bad news from your doctor. The brake pedal that goes all the way to the floor with no effect. The airliner plummeting too fast for parachutes to matter.

     I am your deepest. inescapable fear.

     I am Purevil.

     Now I have you.